Please return your entry form promptly (dates will be provided on the entry form). Late entries not only mean that your name is not included in the  programme; it also makes it difficult for your committee to plan the event (specifically with regards to what trophies will be awarded). Click here for the entry form  Entry is free for brewers and wine makers and this means that you get free entry into the Festival.  To avoid friends and family of the brewers missing out, public ticket sales will be made available  after the quoted competition entry date. Beyond that it will be first come first served. Wine,  beer,  cider  and  perry  exhibits  are  to  be  delivered  to  the  venue  on  the Thursday  evening  prior  to  the  festival  between  the  hours  of  8pm  and  9.30pm, unless an alternative arrangement has been made with the organisers. COMPETITION RULES  BEER, CIDER AND PERRY  Beer entries are only allowed in plastic barrels (such as King Kegs etc), polypins, Cornelius kegs, or similar containers. We prefer entrants to bring a minimum of 10 litres per entry,  except for the Strong Ale/Bitter class, for which either the containers described above or 12x pints or greater in bottles should be entered. Containers using CO2 or compressed air may be used, and the brewer may add CO2 during the festival as they require. Cider and Perry can be in either barrel or bottles. A minimum of 10 litres in single containers or 12x pints or greater in bottles should be entered. WINE  A  minimum of three bottles of the same brew must be entered per entry e.g. three bottles of the same white wine. Wine will be judged on presentation, clarity, bouquet, and taste. General rules for beer cider, perry and wine: 1) No beer, cider, perry or wine to be sold at the festival. 2) All entrants must be over 18 years of age.  3) All beer, cider, perry or wine must be home brew and produced by the named  entrant. 4) We do apologise but it is impossible for the organisers to prevent the loss of corks  and bottle tops and we hope that you understand the difficulty. All entrants will be responsible for the setting up and care of their brews before, during and after the festival. They must remove their brews at the end of the festival, unless they have made other arrangements with the organisers. The Judges Word is Always FINAL
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